Evolution of IO

IO Version 2.0 - AKA V24 (for 2024)

We're about to launch the next evolution of IO. Everything has changed including preferals. Note that you will be receiving an update for all of this, if you do not receive an update, please redeliver. Everything should be ready to receive by April 15th EOD (6PM PDT)

  • Quick fix to installation disk (new design for installer, update version working correct)

  • Addition of coding to handle color API (available by request, conditions apply - If you are interested please ask in discord or speak with vanjie (stellastarrs) in-store for more info)

  • Added in HUD button to put hud on and off via IO menu. You will need to make a folder called ~IO under #RLV if you dont have one (in your inventory). Inside the ~IO folder make another folder called Hud (Case is a thing, make sure it matches) and then place the hud in that folder. You will then be able to use IO to put your hud on or take it off.

  • Quick fix to issue with illegal integration as well as temperature augment when holding 0 Nanites.

  • Script modification to allow for integration with 3rd party products. IO and Hype have joined teams and IO will sync with Hypes new effect eyes! Will be available @ November 23 Orsy event, after then you can purchase at Hypes Mainstore.

  • Minor bug fixes

  • Addition that if you have 0 nanites you will slowly start to overheat. You need those nanites!

  • IO Net revisited, you can now make your own private channels to talk in local, anyone can join that has the username and password!

  • XP & Levelling added - Levels will give you additional perks like increased max hp and nanite storage volume. XP can be gained via being lubricated, installed with nanites (from admin) and collecting bolts that will be available at the IN-JOI sim as well as other places that decide to have them out. We will list the places in the IO store if they choose to do so.

  • Timers were fixed to reflect 1 actual second.

  • Distances were added to follow, admin can choose between 1 and 5 meter leash.

  • New HUD to display all your states which you can minimize using less screen real estate (included in update package). Clicking the black squares on the HUD will bring up your IO menu. The green bar at the bottom of the hud will notify you of issues as well as minimize your HUD when clicked.

  • Changes to illegal nanite install via EM Pulse. Screen will now turn red along with the nanite installer.

  • New sounds.

  • Fixed forced sit issue. IO will now only find those objects with ~IO in the name.

  • Removed overheat stopping at 100 when horny with project arousal (coolant will fix this problem for those sexual androids). To ensure you dont shut down when overheating make sure you have this active. It will also assist you if you're overheating due to not having any lubricant left.

  • Addition of coolant to keep you from overheating. Coolant will be available at the store for free however a dispenser can be purchased in-store.

  • Added code to handle the new Stasis Pods available at the main store.

  • Nanites were put back to 1000 max but are now augmented by level giving 50 additional nanites per level.

  • Health is augmented by level, giving 25 additional HP per level as base. Nanites will also add a temporary addition to your HP based on your nanite volume.

  • New IO net allows you to speak privately with other androids on the same region.

IO Menu

Coolant active

Warning Bar & Minimize


Quick Fix to issue when using the nanite machine and it not restarting the drain script. Also a fix to lubricant going over 1K ml.


Addition of more customization.

We would like to introduce you to the first evolution of the IO system introducing a few new things as well as some upgrades to the current scripts in IO (IO OS V1.2)

  • Introduction of the IO Personal Stats HUD (Available in the IO group notices)

  • Modifications to core subroutines.

  • Creation of Nanite Installer (Personal version on sale at the IO Store - behind in-joi or usable at IO Plaza across from the store)

  • Creation of Lubricant Machine (Personal version on sale at the IO store - behind in-joi or usable at IO Plaza across from the store)

  • New sounds have been added as well for different functions

Join the new IO group in world to get sneak peaks and other information regarding IO!

Heres what has changed.


Nanites can now be acquired by yourself via a nanite installer (one is located @ IO Plaza across from in-joi mainstore.

Being "Integrated" (given nanites) by your Admin will give you nanites 2x faster

Being "Integrated" by someone other than your Admin will eat/kill your nanites 1 per second depending on how many they install. (nanites can be integrated in groups of 100, 250 or 500 at a time and you must be EMP'd (see below) in order for integration to be possible by anyone other than your Admin)

Nanite boxes work the same as they used to except they can only be used by an admin.

  • < 500 nanites you can be hacked (If this has been turned on)

  • > 500 nanites you cannot be hacked

  • < 1000 nanites you can be EMP'd by other bots

  • > 1000 nanites you are immune to EMP

  • nanites drain at 0.0057 / second (1500 lasts approximately 3 real days / 12 sl days)

EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse)

  • Must have over 100 nanites

  • Must have enough battery

  • Must have hackable turned on

  • Must have someone wearing IO within sensor range (10 meters)

  • EMP will drain a significant amount of your battery

  • EMP will take 10 minutes to recharge

  • EMP will overheat you but this will drop before you overheat, you need to let it come down though or you will overheat.

When you emp it will temporarily short out any bots near you, not allowing them to move or speak for 10 seconds. During this time you can install your nanites in them by Habituating them. This will in turn short out / kill their nanites equal to the amount that you install into them.

You can only Integrate 1 bot at any given time while EMP'd

If you get EMP'd your screen will turn white, you will not be able to move and there will be an audible sound alerting you to what has happened. This will last for 10 seconds.

Note: You must be hackable AND not OOC in order to use EMP.


Integration is the install of nanites from one bot to the other. If you are a bot and admin on another bot you can install these by clicking INTEGRATE in the menu. Admins are not required to EMP to install.

To begin integration you must be facing the bot you would like to install into as well as within 10 meters of them. Alternatively if you would like to integrate with someone you do not have admin access to you will need to EMP them first and then integrate within 10 seconds. This will kill any nanites that they have in them equivalent to the amount that you install. The purpose of this is to bring someone below 500 nanites so that you can hack them and take over admin access to their systems.

In order to use EMP and INTEGRATION you MUST be hackable, AND not OOC.


Force sitting group will activate the wearers ground sit that they have active

Force sitting object allows wearer to be sat on any object that has ~IO in the name (ie. IN-JOI ~IO Charger). Wearer must be within 10m of the object. We did this as sort of a filter so that the sensor does not pick up everything in the area like a lamp for example.


We have added random bot noises as well as glich effects when this happens. We thought this was a good way to add some more immersion to IO. Volume will affect how loud the sounds are.


OOC mode was added as a means to change the text in local. Instead of having your implant speak in green text in local, your text will be normal white color. We did this for people who want to wear IO but are DJing / Hosting for example.


This will turn on/off the screen glitch effect when your IO makes sounds.


When being hacked you and your hacker will have to play a little game of rock paper scissors! If they win, they will become admin, if they lose, they lose!


When your temperature goes over 80c your screen will turn red notifying you that you've overheated. Once your temperature goes back under 80c your screen will return to normal.


You can now change your main light color of IO. This is to be done at your own risk as IO uses the different light colors to signify different things happening. There is usually audio to help recognize these things. You can edit the bottom line of the config notecard by putting in your own vector color.


Minor bug fixes.

  • Fix to nanite install process - nanites were not going over 500 for some reason. This has been fixed. Nanite drain working correctly.

  • Fix to battery installation, drain script will now pause when installing a new battery preventing it from being at 0% energy after installation.

  • Removed debug talkys that we forgot to remove previously.