This information should help you install the in-joi Link into your in-joi Toy

Slap Roulette Assistance

What is Slap Roulette?

Slap Roulette is an addon for the IN-JOI unisex ass slapper / grabber.  Essentially what it does is adds an odds rate to your slapper so that if someone slaps you there is a possibility (set by the odds rate) to make your toy vibrate in real!   Yes, it's like someone is actually slapping you... from the inside :P

How to install?

Simply attach the installation hud, ensure your slapper is on and click to install.   Once completed, copy and paste the lines in the How To document and set your odds (1 being every slap, 10 being 1 out of 10 slaps).   

Ensure that you use the connect hud to get injoi as an account on your Lovense Connect app.  If you have already purchsed the IN-JOI link and connected a toy, you do not need to do this!

Please ensure that you paste the below text into your slappers configuration notecard.

Note in V2.1 we have added support for other toys.  If you own a Max, Toy Type=Max, if you own a Nora, Toy Type=Nora, and all other toys would be 

Toy Type=Other

Please make sure the vibe length is 1 second or greater (Whole numbers - 1, 2, 3, 4 etc), anything less than that will result in you RL toy to not work.  Default in the notecard with the below text is .5 and this rounds down to 0 so please make sure you change it.